Michaela DePrince 


black ballerina excellence

So gorgeous and elegant

Why is this important? i see a girl doing ballet, stop outlining difference, its important we just admire the skills, and afore mentioned ellegance

First of all shut the fuck up and have several seats 

and heres why in Michaela’s own words what she had to go through beig BLACK and still goes through

When she was around 8 and rehearsing for The Nutcracker, just a few days before the performance she was told, “I’m sorry, you can’t do it. America’s not ready for a black girl ballerina.”

For Michaela, “to say this to an 8-year-old is just devastating. It was terrible.”

When she was 9, a teacher told her mother: “I don’t like to put money into black dancers because they grow up and end up having big boobs and big hips.”

The dancer looked down at her petite figure and protested, “I don’t have boobs. I don’t get it.”

Instead of getting her down, “It makes me more determined,” she said. “Because I’ve been through so much, I know now that I can make it and I can help other kids who have been in really bad situations realize that they can make it too.”

This is why it is important, for little Black girls to see a black ballerina made it despite being discriminated against because of her skin color!!! 

okay, yes, it is great to see people of other races (besides Caucasian) doing excellent things, especially when they’ve experienced past hardships for what they do because of their ethnicity, but I see where the other person is coming from. not everything has to be about what race you are and what you’ve accomplished as someone in that race. I also think it would be just as nice to admire the fact that she has AMAZING form and is and AMAZING dancer. not to mention how hard of work it is for anyone in a professional dance business. yes, it is important to recognize her accomplishments as an African American female, but let’s also celebrate how amazing her dancing is as any other human being would be compared to one another. the skin colour of one person does not make them better than another person, it is how they work that determines how great they are.

Nope I will not try to see from a racist point of view

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